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Erik Jakobsen works in Nyc, lives in Fresh Jersey and has been an avid naturist for 25 years. He is a regular contributor to FKK’s blogs. Dick Pics Interview With Artist Soraya Doolbaz About Dicture Gallery & Dressing Up Comical Dick Pictures
Arty and Amusing Dick Pics by Soraya Doolbaz
Arty Humorous Dick Pics – I’ve talked about the dick pic happenings before and speculated on why so many men are sending picturesof their members to lovers, friends and strangers on the net.
Cock pics try so hard to get our focus and be sexy, yet they are so often unwanted, poorly do and anything but hot. Now one artist is trying to shift the whole dickscape with her “Dicture” artwork.
Soraya Doolbaz photographs members dressed up in tiny outfits. It is sort of refined and hilarious at exactly the same time, and that’s the whole purpose.
Soraya came up with the notion while laughing over dick pics with her buddies and says on her site, “I thought it’d be amusing to treat penis pics like a high fashion photograph shootMy goal with all this was to make people laugh.”
Dick Pictures by Soraya Doolbaz, creator of Dicture Gallery
You have talked about receiving dick pics yourself. Were they unsolicited or you have asked for them?
Largely unsolicited but some requested. If we were already in a relationship and comfortable with each other I ‘d ask for it.
How do you feel about receiving unsolicited cock pics?
The worst is when a man sends the same cock pic twice.
Some men send a cock pic. At the end of the day, they’re only trying to impress us.
“Here’s Willy” from Dicture Gallery by Soraya Doolbaz Comical Dick Pic Art
I’d agree that a lot of men are attempting to impress when they send a dick pic, and cock pics can be humorous but at the same timeit is commonly a type of sexual harassment and I know a lot of women (and men) don’t need to be on the receiving end of this kind of aggressive behaviour from strangers. So would you concur on the significance of cock pic etiquette and reducing this harassment?
My Dicture Etiquette – Top 6 rules you should follow when taking a photo of your dick:
1. Time is the most significant variable here. A premature dick pic is a sure fire way to ruin a possible relationship. Please do not send a penis pic before your first date. Once you’re comfortable with your partner and have been cozy, a dick pic can be a really sexy way to put a smile on your partner’s face.
2. Lighting – You want sufficient lighting so we can see the cock. A spot light using a lamp is often wise. A glow on the point is an extra bonus.
3. Angle – Unless requested, best to keep the balls out of it. Your balls are probably not as mouthwatering as you believe they are.
4. Firmness – Go for the full erection. Limp pricks are more difficult to picture for a sexy picture. If you are not feeling that turned on, put your chub away and take your phone out when you are a bit more into it.
5. Backdrop – Women notice everything! Clean your room or discover a clean corner in your place for the photo shoot. If you’re feeling frisky after a big dump, flush the toilet before you start the shoot.
6. Repetition – Do not send exactly the same picture twice. We know you’ve your go to but she has that image, you already sent it. In addition, it makes us question whether it’s really your dick. Or perhaps you are sending this to lots of girls and you can’t keep track.